Datameteo Educational

About us

Our Educational Soul

Datameteo Educational was initiated in May 2021 to provide a common synergy through a voluntary organization to the souls of its members who have already been personally involved for a while in various non-profit organizations.
The need was to optimize the potential of the management of the meteorological and solidarity dissemination event called Meteorology Day, which reached its 11th edition in 2022. Many experts on climate, meteorology, ecology, botany, agriculture, landscape, environment and green economy si sono succeduti have succeeded in the various editions bring their contribute to various debated issue dibattute that had as a target not only the experts in the sector, the students but also the greater public audience.

We live in a world that advances daily, whilst this is beneficial for the survival of man, it is equally harmfulto the environment. The onlus, therefore, is twofold, firstly, to raise awareness on the grave importance of safeguarding our planet and the fragility of ecosystems. Secondly, to train the future generation to adhere to environmental ethical principles and an environmentally sustainable way of life. As Nelson Mandela put it ,"Education is a powerful weapon to change the world". Against this background, we intend to educate against ignorance, poverty and inequality. So far, we have achieved this through supporting schooling projects in the Philippines by Una Mano per i Bambini, a non-profit organization that manages the School della Gioia a Tondo a district of Manila located on Smokey Mountain, one of the largest open-air landfills in the world.

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The Executive Board

From Article 12 of the statute of The Executive Board consists of a minimum of 3 up to a maximum of 7 directors chosen from among the members, who serve 3-year terms and are eligible for reelection up to a maximum of 3 consecutive terms, is composed as follows:

Sig. Paolo Caraccio
Dott. Cristian Rendina
Sig. Ghibaudo Gabriele
Vice President / Treasurer
Dott. Cristian Rendina
Dott. Cristian Rendina
Dott. Cristian Rendina
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